Box Theory


The box?

The box serves a singular purpose of protecting its contents and commonly embraces the darkness. The box is constructed to deflect any light from entering and to only maintain what it already holds. The box is not interested in ideas, creativity, or dreams. Though the box maintains its structure and shields what's most valuable, the box itself is rarely ever praised.

The box can only support an idea, a movement, or a product. The box, even with these things occupying its space and time, remains empty. What's in it for the box? Nothing! The box, if not used by you or I, will be utilized by someone else who sees it as the carrier of their dreams.

The box is only cared for when our belongings remain inside, but once removed, the box is either thrown away or preserved only to filled by something more important than itself yet again. By focusing on what we're actually placing in it instead of the intrinsically exclusive nature of the box, we no longer need a box.