Is Yeezy the new Cosby?

In light of Kanye's recent comments and Bill Cosby's recent conviction, I began to ruminate about both of their unprecedented careers, undeniable social impact, and their peculiar willingness to turn their back on the very people that always loved and supported them.

Over ten years ago Bill Cosby co-wrote a book entitled "Come On People" where he lambasted Black America for a number of things which caused us all to take a step back and wonder just who this man that we all loved and idolized over so many decades. Now we see our brother Yeezy is falling into a similar trap of saying things that are not only demonstrably false but can have a lasting impact far greater than we all know and could last much longer than Yeezy will care to talk about.

The fact that Yeezy and Agent Orange (Trump) are close and even communicate regularly should scare us all. Can you imagine the conversations had between two equally ego maniacs like Trump and Yeezy, ain't no telling what they're talking about when the cameras are off!

As someone who considers himself to be a lifelong Yeezy fan, today I find myself in the same place as those who once supported Cosby years ago when sexual assault allegations against him began to pile up. I find myself trying to reconcile with the man I believe I knew versus the man who now resembles a new breed of his own design. 

But to be clear, I do not "miss the old Kanye." I am in full support of an artist growing and expanding their mind, reach, and creative bounds, and truth be told, I just have a hard time believing the man who made "Spaceship, Blood On The Leaves, Crack Music, Who Will Survive In America, New Slaves" and so many other songs about being Black in America could completely turn his back and say things that flagrantly disrespect the legacy of our ancestors. I'm not ready to give up on Ye, but I can't be mad at anybody who is.