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an object or the figure of an object symbolizing and suggesting another object or an idea.

What does it mean…

Words for me have always been something I love. Well before I became an author, I enjoyed writing lengthy school papers, random poems, and meticulously combing over papers while researching any particular topic of interest.  

A lot of people have asked me over the years, with my talent for writing, why I decided to write books out of all possible mediums, and my answer has remained the same - from ancient Egyptian scrolls to eBooks, words matter - in fact, they matter a lot! I wanted to create a symbol of my legacy.

The Bulb - Representation of ideas.

The Flower - Process of growth. 

The Book - Knowledge passed on.

The Hands - Acceptance of one another.

Black People don't know where we're from. We were stripped of our names, our culture, our name, and most importantly - our language. As an effort to reclaim our identity, many of us have chosen to rename ourselves, trace back our roots, or wear our hair in its natural state. Knowing the importance of language, I decided to include a Zulu translation of the words

Creative = Ubuciko

Black =  Omnyama

Genius = Ikhono